Thought Kim K’s naked selfie debacle was finally over? Well, think again my friends. No, Kim hasn’t taken to social media to share another nude photo. However, the one she did recently post has now been transformed into a giant mural by graffiti artist lushlux in Cremorne, Australia.

The painting is a whopping 30-feet tall and plastered on the side of a print shop. Mashable got in touch with the street artist believed to be behind the racy piece of art who identified him/herself as “Mark Walls” (get it?). Walls told Mashable, he/she was immediately inspired to paint the image after seeing it on Instagram. “Maybe I’m as much of an attention seeker as she is?” Walls writes.

Not surprisingly, some folks are very upset about a larger than life Kim K popping up in their town. Since the mural appeared just two days ago, it has already had paint splashed on it and profanity written in spray paint across the body. Is it the safest piece of art to choose for a 3-story high mural? No, but they say, “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” and this appears to be doing just that.

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(Feature photo via Vivien Killilea/Getty)