The Kardashian-Jenner family are known for their glam 鈥 and thankfully, they like to share their library of beauty-related knowledge with their fans. We know Kim Kardashian鈥檚 tips for spray tans and faux glows, and the beauty mogul recently revealed on her app the surprising body parts she highlights.

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鈥淛ust like body contouring, body highlighting can define features and achieves an all-over glow. Mario often uses my KKW Beauty powder and cr猫me highlighters to accentuate different parts of my face and body,鈥 the 36-year-old writes. 鈥淚t gives skin a natural, glowing look, especially on camera.鈥 As for which places she likes to strobe? That would be the legs, cupid鈥檚 bow, and shoulder blades.

To make thighs look slimmer, West recommends brushing highlighter 鈥渄own the center of the thighs, starting at the top of the hip and working your way down to the top of the knee.鈥 Stay in the center of your leg with your brush, then skip over the knee, and highlight the rest of the way down. 鈥淗ighlighting the shin with a large, fluffy brush will give muscle definition and draw attention to the most slender part of the leg,鈥 she says.

For your cupid鈥檚 bow, use a small brush to apply a small amount of highlighter. Doing this can 鈥済ive the illusion of a fuller, more plump pout.鈥 Then, for your shoulder blades, West says to 鈥渁pply highlighter in a circular motion鈥 to define your back.

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