Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s hair and makeup routines may be well documented on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the 39-year-old is stripping things down for all the world to see, taking to social media with a wig and makeup-free selfie that had our jaws on the floor.

The mother of six, who is rarely seen without her hairpiece, only recently revealed her natural hair color (hint: It’s originally black and “now 95 percent gray”), so seeing her sans her famous ‘do and makeup was kind of a shock — but a good one. Her complexion was practically glowing — no wonder she has her own skincare line!

While the reality star has admitted to using botox and fillers in the past, she says it’s also about maintenance, writing, “I have ALWAYS been into skincare and my skin. I have gone to bed maybe twice in my entire life with makeup on (yes, even if I’m swaying in the sink, hunny, I still scrub that face!).”

More than that, however, the “Love Me First” singer was here to promote self-love in all its forms, saying, “I feel beautiful with no makeup and no wig and I feel beautiful with makeup and a wig. I love being a woman, dressing up, and I also love running around in my La Perla pajama bottoms (that are old as sh*t I wear them everyday) and my bathrobe. My husband makes me feel beautiful at all times!” she confessed.

She went on to say that it’s important to present yourself how it makes you happiest, adding, “I think it’s REALLY important to do YOU! Do what makes YOU happy! Love the skin you’re in!”

We couldn’t agree more, Kim!

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(Photo via John W. Ferguson/Getty)