Kids love their snacks (and adults love delicious, healthy snacks too), but it’s no secret that childhood favorites come with a hefty heaping of sugar. While there’s nothing wrong with a little sweet treat here and there, we’re willing to bet that you’d *LOVE* to find some healthy-yet-sweet snacks for your kids (or yourself!). There are plenty of quick-and-easy healthy snacks to make at home, but if you’re looking for something ready-made, look no further than KIND’s new Healthy Fruit Snacks.

The fruit snacks come in three delicious flavors: Cherry Apple, Strawberry Cherry Apple, and Mango Pineapple Apple. And here’s the best part — the names of the flavors are 100 PERCENT indicative of the ingredient list. Unlike most snack foods, KIND Healthy Fruit Snacks don’t contain all manny of weird, strange ingredients. There are no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners… No hard-to-pronounce ingredients of any kind. SCORE!

They’re literally JUST fruit snacks. That’s it! We’re certainly ready to indulge in this healthy snack ASAP.

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