Let’s imagine you’re hanging out at your future summer house (because everybody has a summer house in the future, right?). You’re just about to head over to the beach when you realize you’ve lost your sunglasses. This is a definite dilemma. Do you panic? No. Do you print a pair with your 3D printer? Well, of course you do. But this is the future we’re talking about. For now, you might not have a 3D printer at home (even though they are now cheaper than an iPhone, just sayin’). So until that time comes, look to Kobrin for all your printed-plastic frame needs.

Now, these aren’t the first 3D printed frames we’ve seen (remember Oak & Dust?), but they certainly take the cake for most colorful. The Italian company starts the production for each frame using a Makerbot, one of the best commercial 3D printers on the market. After the frames are fully printed, each piece is then refined by hand. Makers polish up those rough edges and minor mishaps new technology is always prone to. The final outcome is a unique blend of classic Italian elegance and modern innovation.

Don’t think that because these sunnies aren’t 100% handcrafted they fall short in the quality category. Kobrin lenses are polarized, covered by a shiny REVO mirroring, bullet-proof, anti-scratch coating.

If you’re totally into these but don’t have much use for UV protection (umm.. what?!), you can also go for a geek-chic look and sport their collection of specs that come sans lenses. Or take these babies to your optician and have them pop in some prescription lenses for you. A shiny new pair of Kobrins will set you back $75 for sunglasses and $55 for lens-free frames. If you ask us, it’s a small price to pay to be able to say that you can see (through) the future.

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