If you鈥檙e looking for last-minute Christmas gift ideas, you鈥檙e in luck! We asked a few Brit + Co staff members to pick out their favorite gift items from the Brit + Co Shop. We鈥檙e sharing the silly, sweet and super practical gifts they鈥檒l be gifting this holiday season, along with their favorite holiday traditions. If you鈥檙e looking to start a new tradition of your own, we鈥檝e got all the good ideas right here.


鈥淕rowing up, my parents asked us to write letters to Santa every year until we were 18. My mom saved these letters in our stocking, and every Christmas we sit together and read them.鈥

1. Holiday bkr Bottle ($35): Stay hydrated this season with the cutest water bottle around. It鈥檚 the perfect companion at the office, at the gym or on your next #girlsquad road trip.

2. Table Forest ($24): 鈥楾is the season to be merry and bright, so scoop up these colorful hand-painted chipboard trees. They make great 3D decorative pieces all year 鈥檙ound.


鈥淢y hubs and I love chopping down our own Christmas tree! There鈥檚 something so fun about living in a metropolitan city and bringing the wilderness back into our small apartment.鈥

3. Robot Tea Infuser ($10): This stainless steel infuser has adjustable arms to fit any size mug. You鈥檒l have a robot buddy to look forward to at your next afternoon tea.

4. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): Jam out to this gem at your next holiday soir茅e. We鈥檙e thinking Rihanna鈥檚 鈥淒iamonds鈥 might be a good track to add to the playlist. It only makes sense.


鈥淧utting ornaments on a tree is good, but decking out the house in lights while blasting Christmas music is even better.鈥

5. Classic Station ($30): Now you have a place to accumulate your pocket or purse essentials. Just add your phone, sunglasses, a set of keys and your favorite pen. It鈥檚 effortless, organized and classic, just like you.

6. DIY Cardboard Deer Bust Kit ($30): Make this modern deer bust over holiday vacation. All the supplies you鈥檒l need are in the kit. You can even get creative and decorate it with paint, glitter or wrapping paper.


鈥淓very year my family and I cut off a small sliver of our Christmas tree. We date it and add it into a large bin that my mom displays every year. Every Christmas Eve, we try to guess what year each sliver belongs to. Whoever gets the most correct gets to open the first gift on Christmas!鈥

7. Paso Necklace ($46): This elegant metal and stone necklace is the perfect gift for any woman on your list. It鈥檚 one of our go-to gifts, and hey, a few of us have bought one for ourselves as well! :)

8. Color Me Girl Crush ($15): Beyonc茅 is on the first page, so of course it鈥檚 one of our favorites. Pro Tip: Use colored pencils instead of markers. You鈥檒l get better results.


鈥淪anta always leaves a new ornament in our stockings, so we put them up on our tree each Christmas morning.鈥

9. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters ($5): Santa will appreciate a new take on the traditional gingerbread cookie. Grab the kiddos and a few classic ninja attack-posed cutters, and make the best cookies ever!

10. Soy Glad We鈥檙e Friends Candle ($18): Trust us, this candle smells SOY good! Gift this to that special someone in your life who is not only your BFF, but also your absolute ride or die. And don鈥檛 forget about the rest of your girl gang.


鈥淐hristmas Eve is always at Grandma鈥檚 house. We have a big seafood dinner and share gifts. At the end of the night, we all have a White Russian to cap off Christmas Eve. This is after a few drinks earlier in the night too!鈥

11. KeySmart 2.0 Key Organizer ($20): KeySmart is a super rad minimalist key ring with maximum strength. Utility never looked so cool. It makes a great stocking stuffer for your hip dude.

12. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($23): Infused with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants, this fortifier helps prevent that dreaded morning-after headache. Just add a splash of Ficks to your cocktail for fantastic flavor and an easier tomorrow!


鈥淚t shifts homes and hosts each year, but the White Elephant Party is a consistent with me and my friends. It may take months to find the perfect gift, but if yours ends up being the hot ticket item everyone is fighting for, it鈥檚 all worth it.鈥

13. Monster Telephoto Lens Kit ($35): Remember the old days? You had to place the camera, set the timer and run back to get the annual family photo in front of the Christmas tree. Well, there is finally an upgrade. This telephoto lens kit will do the trick (and make life so much easier!).

14. Hello There! Doormat ($25): Playing hostess to a stream of friends this holiday season? Then this is the perfect welcome (and a subtle enforcer of the shoes-off policy!).


鈥淲e eat a huge Christmas Day feast together and after all of these years, my siblings and I still sit at the kid鈥檚 table.鈥

15. Stay Focused Pouch ($12): This one is designed by Rosee herself! You鈥檙e gonna love this cute zip pouch. Store away your pencils, makeup and spare change鈥 basically all the stuff that鈥檚 sitting at the bottom of your purse.

16. Gold Geometric Post Earrings ($28): Looking for New Year鈥檚 Eve accessories? We鈥檝e got a whole bunch of dainty gold jewelry in the Brit + Co Shop. But you gotta try out these triangle post earrings with your shimmery dress first.

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