Did you remember that Father’s day is this Sunday? No doubt dear old dad’s present is already in the mail, but just in case you’ve fallen behind on your calendar, here are 15 gifts that are all available for Amazon Prime (aka free two-day shipping!) you can order now and get in time to celebrate with your pop this weekend. Not an Amazon Prime member? Sign up for the free 30-day trial to make sure you get your goods in time.

1. Star Trek Electronic Door Chime ($30): While it won’t exactly beam him up to the bridge of the Enterprise, it will make sure he knows when guests have arrived.

2. Perfect Solutions Laser Level ($24): For the DIY dad, this laser level will come in handy when he hangs up the art in your apartment or finally starts that living room renovation. (Plus, suggest some of these apps to make his home improvement projects even easier.)

3. Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Treat Maker ($48): This gadget was on your list of must-have kitchen gadgets. So why shouldn’t your dad have one, too? Plus, it’ll be healthier than his summer ice cream habit.

4. Sea Stones Granite Chillers ($27): Don’t let his whiskey get watered down (unless of course he likes it that way). This stone chilling set will look equally great on his bar and in his glass.

5. Classic Match Foosball for iPad ($60): If he’s counting down the days until World Cup 2014, he’ll love to pass the time with this mini foosball table that plays the game on his iPad. Or if soccer isn’t his thing, we have plenty of other retro iPad games to choose from.

6. Barska 8x32mm Binocular Camera ($185): Let your dad show off all the birds and wildlife he’s spied with these binoculars that are also a camera. Now he’ll have proof he really did see that yellow-fronted woodpecker.

7. Ravi Instant Wine Chiller ($39): For the oenophile dad who just doesn’t seem to plan ahead, this aerator with an ice block inside will chill wine to the perfect temperature as it pours.

8. EOS New York Mixtape Watch ($135): When his watch is less about telling time and more about making a statement, this mixtape watch is perfect for the music-loving dad. Thinking about something bigger? Go for the mixtape coffee table.

9. Sharp Act Knife Sharpener ($9): One part master chef, one part master magician. Even if your dad is one or the other, he’s sure to love this magical knife sharpener.

10. Maverick Remote Check Wireless Thermometer ($25): If your dad is the grillmaster to end all grillmasters, make sure he has a way to stay on top of how the steaks are doing while still socializing with guests. (And check out more grilling tools here.)

11. Bear Grylls Scout Essentials Kit ($27): For the dad who believes himself to be a hardcore outdoorsman, make sure he’s prepared and safe during hikes, camping trips, or just on the road with this survival essentials kit. Like a boy scout, he’ll always be prepared.

12. Rokit Boost Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone ($50): Don’t force dad to suffer through the headphones that came with his smartphone. Instead get him this sleek wireless pair that will give him more freedom and a better soundtrack.

13. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit ($22): Help dad up his game and teach him what you know about luxury with this shaving starter kit that includes shaving cream, a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, and after-shave balm. He’ll never charge that electric razor again.

14. Smartek Motorized Tie Rack ($25): Over the years you’ve made sure his tie collection is well-stocked, now make sure it’s well-organized with this motorized tie rack. You’ll get bonus points since it’s so gadget-y.

15. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard ($53): Whether it’s because he’s eco-conscious or just hates wires and batteries, this solar-charging keyboard is the perfect office upgrade. It charges by both natural sunlight and artificial lamp light, so it will work even if his home office is part of his man cave in the basement.

What are you getting your dad this Father’s Day? Tell us in the comments or share a photo with us on Twitter.