Lauren Bushnell recently opened up about how she met boyfriend Devin Antin, whom she started dating after her wedding to The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins was called off a year ago. Now she’s sharing another glimpse into the couple’s life together in an adorable video of the surprise birthday party she planned for him.

In the video, Bushnell leads Antin into an apartment, where a room full of friends are waiting to pull off a cute surprise birthday greeting.

The camera pans around the celebration before landing back on the guest of honor. “Did you know?” Bushnell excitedly asks him. In case you didn’t notice how caught off guard he was in the video, he did not. Mission accomplished!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CUTIE,” Bushnell captioned the video. “Thanks for letting me be your friend and girlfriend [and] being born in general. You make me the happiest ever and you deserve the world not just today but every day! I love youuuu @devinantin.”

Bushnell previously revealed that she’s known her boyfriend for two years, since they first swiped right on each other on Tinder. When she moved back to LA after her relationship with Higgns ended, she and Antin started hanging out again, and the rest is history. But don’t expect wedding bells anytime soon: According to Bushnell, she’s learned not to take things too fast in love. “Marriage is such a special and sacred thing that should never be rushed.”

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(Photo via Jeff Schear/Getty Images for McDonald’s)