Some mornings you just can’t drag yourself out of bed when that 7am workout alarm goes off. Maybe you were out later than planned on a fun first date, lost track of time following bloggers on Snapchat or spent the night researching how to land your dream job. Whatever the reason for feeling like a total sleepyhead, there’s no need to skip your workout when you can’t get out of bed because “bedercise” is an actual thing. To prove it, we rounded up seven of the best YouTube workouts that you can actually do in your bed. Scroll on to stream our picks… from bed, of course.


1. Flat Stomach Ab Workout in Bed: One of our faves, trainer Tracy Campoli will get you to feel the burn in less than six minutes. Seriously. This workout is super great for gals who suffer from back stiffness too. (via Tracy Campoli)


2. Lazy Fitness Hacks Workout in Bed Routine: We love a lazy fitness hack as much as the next girl, and Lindsay Marie pretty much kills it with this quick routine. Stretch, twist and pulse your way to a stronger self. Then take a nap. (via Lindsay Marie)


3. Easy 10-Minute Workout You Can Do in Bed: SELF magazine is a trusted source for all things health and fitness, and their corresponding YouTube channel is no different. We love this 10-minute bed workout (demonstrated in less than three mins), which was designed to strengthen and tone your entire bod. (via SELF Magazine)


4. Exercises to Do in Bed to Burn Body Fat: A personal trainer tackles fat-burning exercises in this video centered on your core. Get into your obliques and sides with a series of crunches you can do without straying too far from your comforter. (via eHow Fitness)


5. 5-Minute Ab Exercises in Bed: Get your ab workout on with Joanna Soh, a super charismatic certified personal trainer. In this quick sesh, she’ll guide you through full-body crunches, criss-crosses, leg raises and leg pulses. Burn baby burn. (via Joanna Soh)


6. Yoga Stretches in Bed: Not quite yoga, these relaxing stretches will do wonders for your bod by improving your flexibility. This low-key vid (which is free of speaking other than in the intro) is also perfect for travelers who can’t find a nearby yoga class or don’t feel like hitting up the hotel gym. (via LexiYoga)


7. Bed Yoga: A longer stretch sesh that’s perfect for true yogis, this 11-minute vid will help you calm morning anxiety while elongating your muscles. Called the “Anthony Robbins of Yoga,” Dashama’s confidence and knowledge will completely captivate you. (via Dashama)

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