Spring has finally (finally!) sprung, and with its arrival comes everyone’s favorite task — spring cleaning. But it’s not just bedrooms and closets that are getting a makeover this month, as Netflix prepares to do the whole out with the old, in with the new thang, too. Now that you know what you have to look forward to, these are the old friends you’ll have to say goodbye to to make room for more awesome flicks. Ah, c’est la vie. Arrivederci, babes!


Those looking for a laugh will want to get their kicks before 4/1, when Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Along Came Polly, Nine to Five, Rock Star and The Whole Ten Yards hit the bricks, followed by Half Baked (4/20) later in the month.

clist joe

Netflix and chill with rom-coms and dramas like Jennifer Beal’s classic stint in Flashdance (4/1), the all-too beloved Pride and Prejudice (4/1), R. Patz in Remember Me (4/1), or New York, I Love You (4/15), or cuddle up for scary flicks/thrillers like 2 Fast 2 Furious (4/1) (we’ll miss you, Paul! L), House of Wax (4/1) — who knew Paris could act? —, The Rundown (4/1) and Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassin’s Ball (4/1). Doc junkies won’t want to miss Craiglist Joe (4/1), The Inexplicable Universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson (4/1) or Bill Cunningham New York (4/15).


And for the kiddies? There are our childhood faves, 101 Dalmations (4/1) and Hook (“RUFIO!) (4/1), as well as new classics, like Nanny McPhee (4/1), Space Dogs (4/3) and Mr. Bean’s Holiday (4/16).


On the TV side of things, weird gets the boot (sorry, Robert van Winkle), saying goodbye to Vanilla Ice Goes Amish: Season 1 and the entire series of The Vanilla Ice Project (4/1) along with Venice Beach’s Freakshow: Season 1 (4/22).

Also on the chopping block (pun intended), Throwdown With Bobby Flay Collection: Collection 1 (4/1) and all seasons of ‘70s favorite M*A*S*H (4/1).

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(Photos via Craigslist Joe, Disney + iStockphoto)