There’s nothing better than savoring a steaming hot cup of java with beautiful foam art skating on the top of the cup. Sometimes these designs truly go to the next level, with intricate Disney princesses gracing mugs, not to mention the cream of the crop of Instagrammable latte art. But until now, each creation has only been in a color palette of coffee brown and milky white.

As pretty as the regular designs are, the color scheme can get a little drab, which is why we were so excited to find this colorful latte art on Instagram. Just take a look at what Lee Kang Bin, the owner of Café C. Through in Seoul, calls “creamart.” Tell us you didn’t even *think* about hopping on a plane for the chance to gaze at a real-life masterpiece inspired by Magritte, Matisse, or Van Gogh in your favorite DIY mug.

If you do make the trip, you should know that the coffee creations that have garnered more than 200K followers on Instagram will be chilled. This ensures that each cup maintains its taste from design start to finish, which can take about an hour per cup. That’s why Kang Bin only accepts three reservations daily for the customized cups (so make sure to make yours in advance!). Larger projects can take upwards of four hours, like the 44-cup piece dedicated to a trip to the Philippines. Of course, there’s also traditional coffee too.

The most impressive part about Kang Bin’s designs is that he’s self-taught. But you might never suspect that from his artistic Instagram feed filled with flowers, mermaids basking in the moonlight, penguins, and more. There’s also this little guy that costs the equivalent of $7.50 … and we simply adore it.

Seriously, how cute is that face?!

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