We’ve all suffered through it — trend fatigue. And we’ve all tried methods to battle it — clothing swaps with friends, companies like Le Tote and trying to get cash for those cardis sitting in our closets. But one group in Amsterdam might have come up with the real answer — a system where you can just check clothing out and return it when you’re done.


Lena Library, a new concept from four young entrepreneurs, lets members borrow clothing from their extensive library of new and vintage clothing, all for the cost of the membership, which starts around 20 Euros.


Done with that dress? No problem, just return it for something else you’re interested in. With over 1,200 items in stock, you’re sure to find something you love. And if you do fall in love with something, you can purchase it. Yup, they really have thought of everything.


Not only does this help cut down on your spending, but it helps with the environment too. The founders believe that over-consumption is a problem in the Netherlands and worldwide, and they hope to promote their mission of eco-friendly, sustainable shopping methods.


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(images by Carolein Badouin, Bo Van Veen, h/t Fast Company)