Lip Powder Is an Ancient Cosmetic That’s the New Must-Have Trend
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Lip Powder Is an Ancient Cosmetic That’s the New Must-Have Trend

We love all kinds of lipstick, not to mention lip gloss, lip balm and lip stain. Basically, anything that adds a little (or a lot) of color to our lips brings a smile to our faces and a sultry pout to our mouths. But have you tried lip powder? Long before lipstick reigned over rouged lips, powder was the go-to means to tint — all the way back to ancient Mesopotamian times. Now, that technique is back, but in a totally modern way that’s making this the new must-have trend.

With the lip powder love currently surging in Korea and making its way over to our shores, brands like CLE Cosmetics are quickly becoming a key item for any makeup-lover. Their Melting Lip Powder ($20) — which you can use on your lips, eyes or cheeks — comes in four shades: Barbie Pink, Milk Choco, Red Cherry and Ultra Summer.

Application is as simple as dabbing it on with the wand and patting it in if necessary (for instance, if you’re using it on your cheeks and want to blend it in), and then letting the powder “melt” onto your skin. A more natural look than lipstick, lip powder will give you a matte finish that is apparently very durable and long-lasting.

It’s like fairy dust for your lips!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; photos via CLE Cosmetics)