It’s just a two word call to action, but it might be one of the most challenging ones for our generation: Look Up.

Without any further explanation, we all pretty much know exactly what that slogan is referring to — lifting our gaze from our smartphones and taking a TO from social media to experience the moment IRL. We’re all guilty of it: on our commute, on our lunch break and even when we’re (supposed to be) hanging out with our friends (not their profiles). And that’s why every line of performer Gary Turk’s video is so hard-hitting.

“This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut.” Oof. That’s a pretty raw message coming from a millennial, especially at a time when we’re so enamored with our hyper-connected world. Even though we’re big believers in striking a balance between our digital and analog lives, the full five minutes of this video left us totally inspired to re-engage.

So what do you think? Is Look Up poetic and inspiring, or just a cynical digital diss? Sound off in the comments below.