With spring well underway, it鈥檚 finally time to start planning our annual summer getaway with our sweetie. Sure, we鈥檝e already looked up how to achieve that perfect #lazygirl vacation hair and the dos and don鈥檛s of working on vacation, but finding an amazing place to actually go exploring with our significant other can prove a little more difficult. Whether you鈥檙e searching for an adventure, a beachy retreat or a culture-rich locale, these six international dream destinations will fit the bill for almost every type of traveler 鈥 and they all have iconic spots to lock in your love with a love lock too.


1. Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris, France: They don鈥檛 call Paris the city of love for nothing. Along with beautiful canal walks, a rich culture and food worth dying for, Paris is also the most iconic city in the world for couples to symbolically padlock their love together forever. (Photo via Getty)


2. N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea: A trip to the vibrant capital of South Korea is amiss without a visit to the historic N Seoul Tower, better known as the Namsan Tower. Not only is it historically relevant 鈥 it鈥檚 Korea鈥檚 first general radio wave tower 鈥 but it鈥檚 also a great place to browse through the thousands of love padlocks from couples across the globe. (Photo via Getty)

Love locks Impression at Hohenzollern Bridge on August 28, 2013 in Cologne, Germany. Love locks are still a growing phenomenon in cities across Europe and are meant by the couples who leave them behind as a symbol of their powerful and undying love for one another.

3. Hohenzollernbruecke Bridge, Cologne, Germany: You know the local love locks are a big deal when the Dutch band Nits dedicates a song to them from their 2012 album. Not only can you enjoy an urban escape in this fascinating, culture-rich hub, but it鈥檚 also a great place to lock in your love for good. (Photo via Mathis Wienand/Getty)


4. Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow, Russia: If you鈥檙e tired of seeing love locks dangling from a bridge, make your way to Moscow, Russia. Couples attach their eternal locks to iron trees that serve as art installations in the city and, according to Atlas Obscura, 鈥淚t is not uncommon to see newlyweds, and even brides in their wedding gowns, kissing just before clicking down their padlock of love.鈥 (Photo via Getty)


5. Juliet鈥檚 House, Verona, Italy: The romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet comes alive in this small oasis, a tourist attraction well worth the detour from Venice. Not only can you call out to your love from Juliet鈥檚 actual balcony, but a quick trip to the garden reveals a beautiful array of love locks inspired by the Bard鈥檚 greatest love story. (Photo via Ashley Macey)


6. Groenburgwal Bridge, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: A mega popular Instagram spot sporting the iconic Zuiderkerk Tower in the not-too-distant background, this central Dutch locale is a great getaway for couples. Who knows 鈥 it just might be the perfect destination to surprise your OTP with a bold gesture of a lifetime this summer. (Photo via Getty)

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