Breaking down the local dating pool has gotten a lot easier for you + your gfs ever since the app Lulu turned your monthly w(h)ine and cheese night banter into a digital dude-ranking system. And now the ladies-only app that lets your been-there-done-that peers rate guys with hashtags has compiled its users’ evaluations into an infographic that shows just how #Dateable the men are in YOUR city.

Lulu’s Men of America map reads like a Twitter-friendly infbrographic (that would be an inforgraphic of bros, of course) that plots the best and worst characteristics of dudes in different major US cities. The descriptors vary from praising the good habits of Seattle guys (#DoesHisOwnLaundry) and the RomCom-worthy chivalry of Dallas gents (#OpensDoors) to the unimpressive etiquette (#HitItAndQuitIt) of impressively smart D.C. dudes (#4.0GPA).

According to the infographic, Chicago and Dallas are currently home to some of the countries best lookers (#GreatHair + #StrongHands, respectively), yet suffer from a case of city-wide #Broverdose. San Francisco’s brogrammers are scoring points for winking behind their Google Glass (#WorkEthic, #NerdyButILikeIt), but are missing the mark with their #QuestionableSearchHistory. Similarly, NYC guys have getting a raise on their mind… just not the kind that comes in the form of a plush paycheck (#BedroomEyes). New Yorkers: Maybe take a cue from your way-more adorable neighbors from Philly who WE are just dying to nuzzle into (#AmazingCuddles, #SmellsAmazeballs).

So are the dudes in your neck of the woods totally datable or trending duds? Do you use Lulu? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Time)