You know the drill: the workout has been chosen, your pre- and post-workout meals selected and your snack packed. Despite doing everything you can to have a successful workout, you might face the same frustration that many do: nowhere to hold your phone (aka your DJ) while you’re in sweat mode. Sure, there are armbands out there, but they make it so hard to shuffle songs or keep track of reps. Thanks to Lume Leggings, however, awkward phone/workout issues are a thing of the past.


Created by a personal trainer and Kansas University alum, Lume Leggings hope to change the way you work out by freeing up your hands. The founder noticed that, while at the gym, women struggled to find a place to put their phones, which acted as their entertainment, stereo, fitness tracker and lifeline. Some put it in their waistbands, others in their sports bras. Now you can stash your smartphone in your high-performance legging and go hands-free.


The leggings are everything you’d expect from workout wear. They’re breathable, durable, moisture-wicking and have four-way stretch. You’ll be able to master everything from standing tucks to ballet to CrossFit while wearing them. You simply put your phone in the mesh (read: touchable!) pocket on the leg, and you’re good to go.


The leggings fit both Androids and iPhones and are available in XS-3XL, with tall options too. Snag yourself a pair before they ship in February, just in time for New Year’s Resolutions.

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(Images via Lume Leggings)