When it comes to lighting, we know you’re looking for something that’s practical, versatileand design friendly. And of course, with the holidays creeping closer than ever, you’ve probably got leaf-peeping and outdoor holiday displays on your mind. Just in time for the chilly season, there’s a new lighting tool that combines all of these interests together. Meet the Luminoodle.


It’s a rare instance where the name of a product is at once adorable and actually describes what it does, but the Luminoodle fits the bill. It’s a versatile and durable five-foot-long rope of LED lighting that is an easy, affordable alternative to traditional lighting sources. The silicone-wrapped lights are magnetic and waterproof, and can be used wherever there’s a USB port. The strand can loop, bend and coil according to whatever you need it to do. It also comes with a bag that can double as a makeshift lantern.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.55.15 PM

This technologically savvy piece of equipment comes from parent company Power Practical, which has previously designed similar affordable-energy products, like their Power Pot, which uses heat and water to charge a device, and their Pronto, which is their super fast-charging battery pack.


We especially like some of the Luminoodle uses shown on Kickstarter, like forest-friendly camp lighting, easy dorm-room lighting and even lighting for cyclists, just to name just a few! It has already surpassed its $10,000 Kickstarter campaign goal. At only $19 for the Kickstarter special pricing, the Luminoodle might just be the affordable, versatile solution for all your life’s lighting situations.

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