It’s a big week for mobile photo buffs! A brand new app that lets you see “living” pictures on the go, and a major update to your fave—Instagram. You know we’re fans of all the ways to document your life with your phone, from Vine and Cycloramic to the Fast Camera App and Cinemagram, not to mention all the ways you can edit photos on your phone, so we’re pumped for these two changes.

Remember the Lytro cameras we told you about last year? Just to refresh your memory, Lytro cameras let you take photos that can be changed after you take them. What does that mean exactly? It means that Lytro cameras record such detailed images that you can zoom, change focus, and shift perspective once the photo has been shot. Be sure to check out our post for some of the photos we took at Brit HQ.

Lytro Camera

The exciting news from Lytro this week is that they’ve released a mobile app. So you can use the Wifi chip in your Lytro to upload your images over Wifi or cellular service, and then share them to your favorite social networks from your phone. We love anything you can do on the go, so this is right up our alley. You can also save your Lytro photos as an animated GIF directly from your phone. What could be easier?

Lytro App

If you don’t have a Lytro, you can still browse the app to check out the amazing photos that other people have uploaded. Think of it like an Instagram but with photos that you can manipulate and change.

Secondly, Instagram announced today that you can now take video in the app. Yes, that’s right, video. Similar to Vine, you can record in segments by holding down the button on the screen, but you’ll get a whole 15 seconds instead of just six, and if you love filters as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know you can filter your videos. Plus, if you end up with a segment of video you don’t like, you can delete just that segment. No more starting the whole thing over again.

Instagram Video App

And take a look at the awesome video Instagram came out with:

We’re excited to play around with both apps. (You’re following us on Instagram, right?) Let us know what you think about these updates in the comments!