Just in case you had any reason to doubt the imminent return of the ’90s, MAC is here to prove you wrong once and for all. We are already getting back the Bath and Body Works scents we grew up loving, and now, to complete our old-school beauty routine, the makeup brand is launching a new line of mood-changing lipsticks.


MAC is no stranger to a fun + nostalgic collection (Selena-inspired lipsticks, anyone?). Next up for the company: Tendertalk Lip Balm, a lipstick collection comprised of five different hues, all of which apply differently depending on your skin’s chemistry with the product.

The colors will range from a pale pink to a bright berry shade. Unlike their trademark lipsticks, these are balms that will not only turn your lips into a ’90s magic trick but also provide them with some much-needed hydration. The balms are slated to hit stores on June 16 and will cost $20 each. Maybe not the most budget-friendly of lip balms, but hey, we never said beauty magic was cheap!

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(Photos via MAC)