It’s the season of graduation parties, tassels, gowns that resemble trash bags and, of course, new beginnings. For some students — and by some we mean all — this can be a scary time. There are many unknowns and first experiences (we’re looking at you, co-ed dorm bathroom). Wouldn’t life just be a little easier if these students had some guidance along the way from, say, a mentor? Enter Magikstra: a social network for high school students to find mentors in universities and businesses.

This made-by-students-for-students site is super easy to join from both the mentee and mentor perspective. Users create basic profiles. For high schoolers, all you do is upload a resume, post a bio and add in your social links — you know, Facebook, Twitter, Github and LinkedIn. Meanwhile, professors and professionals share their research work and their goals with the students they want to work with.

The best part: no subjects are off limits. Looking for a journalism guru? You’re in the right place. A science guy? You bet. There’s a possible connection for everyone with no fees or time-sucking online searches and applications. It’s currently still in Beta testing, but sign up now to get notifications for when you or your recent grad can start connecting.

What professional social networking sites do you currently use and love? Let us know below!

(h/t Beta