There are countless apps out there that let you jot down memos, help you increase productivity and assist you in setting reminders. Still, many of us can’t get through our days without a pad of old-school Post-Its. There’s just something about physically writing a note down and sticking it to something that’s super satisfying. Buuut we have to admit that they’re not always the best. Sometimes they lose their stick, and other times they just won’t stay up on the walls. That’s why we’re in love with Magnetic.


Magnetic pads are like Post-Its, but without the stickiness. These pads are filled with stable statically charged paper, and they stick on any dry surface. The front of each memo is glossy, so you can write smoothly whether you’re using a pencil, pen or marker. When you flip the note over, it has an even glossier surface that acts as a whiteboard. And yes, that means you can use it over and over and over again.

Magnetic comes in three different types: Magnetic Notes, Magnetic Pads and Magnetic Boards. The notes are like sticky notes while the pads and boards act as a bulletin board for the Magnetic Notes. So instead of trying to take on a DIY whiteboard wall, you can use the Magnetic Boards to cover your studio walls.


Magnetic comes in nine different colors (we’ll take one of each, thanks) and are fully recyclable. Magnetic just wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign and exceeded their goal with flying Magnetic colors. You can still back them. For every $1,000 they raise, they’ll send over some Magnetic Boards to schools in need in Africa.

Where would you use Magnetic the most? Home? Office? Studio? Let us know in the comments below.