No matter how attached you are to your phone and tablet, chances are you use a notebook for something. While there are plenty of apps for scheduling and note taking, nothing can replace the handy old pen and pad… but we never said it couldn’t use an upgraded. The Magnote is a totally reinvented magnetic notebook that will make you forget about all the wide-ruled spiral notebooks of the ’90s.

Magnote notebooks are uber intuitive. They’re thin and sleek on their own and snap together in case you want to carry more than one while still looking smart and organized. From the intelligent design of the pages to the sleek appearance of the magnetic covering, this notebook has it all.

Of all the super cute notebooks out there, this one packs a big punch with its snazzy design. From the moment you open it, you’ll notice it’s different than anything you’ve ever used before. The Magnote opens flat and holds just-hefty-enough paper to keep your favorite fountain pen from bleeding through.

It’s equipped with a planner to keep you organized, but, unlike a traditional hour-by-hour list in a planner, the Magnote holds an interface called a Time Circle. Displayed just like time on a clock face, this planner allows you to easily view your plan for the entire day and see free time at a glance. So go ahead and pencil in a smoothie break!

Designed to fit easily in one hand, one of the five varieties is sure to be your notebook soulmate. Each one holds 64 pages but they’re all different: pages are ruled or grid, planners range from daily schedules all the way up to the impressive MagPlanner that lets you see two years ahead.

Currently campaigning on Kickstarter, the Magnote is made by the same geniuses who came up with the tiny, foldable photo studio called Foldio that makes everyone look like a professional. Back the project with $29 ,and you could be doing some very stylish scheduling in your new planner by August!

Do you carry a notebook? Do you have a brand you swear by? We’d love to know in the comments below!