No matter how we try to tag and organize our emails, we find ourselves faced with the daunting task of an overflowing inbox on an almost weekly daily basis. Oh you, too? Well, there鈥檚 an iPhone app coming out that tries to solve that problem with an ultra-streamlined design that will make you feel like your email turned into an instant message thread.

Mailburn has taken all of the distractions out of your email conversations, like 鈥渟how quoted text鈥 and lengthy email signatures. And yes, you can still send attachments.

With a sleek user interface, your email experience is more fluid just like the other mobile chat tools you use every day. Downloading Mailburn doesn鈥檛 mean you magically have fewer emails or more time, but responding to emails feels a little less like work.

Another perk is that you can see when your message has been opened and read by its recipient. This is especially helpful when you鈥檙e working with a client and you want to ensure that they鈥檝e received your message before sending a follow up.

We hope we don鈥檛 get too carried away with the messaging-like functions and go overboard with emojis, but we鈥檙e not making any promises.

The app is predicted to launch in November and you can sign up here to get an invite.

What gets in the way of you staying on top of your emails? Let鈥檚 talk it out in the comments!