We don’t even know where to truly start with this one.

Having a period is something that many folks suffer through every month. Being that it’s pretty much non-negotiable for many of us, people around the world work really hard to make sure that our periods are better and easier to deal with than ever before, with everything from period underwear to more eco-friendly supplies.

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Sometimes, however, there are people who come up with something so ridiculous, and so head-scratchingly wrong, that we don’t even know how to explain it. That’s the way it is for the chiropractor who’s decided that gluing our labia shut during our period will be helpful. We’re not sure that he knows how periods work, but he’s definitely trying to make money off of our monthly flow.

In a Facebook post for his product, Mensez (what a name!) the chiropractor explains that he’s invented a glue made of amino acids that will seal your labia shut, thereby pooling your period blood, which will then expel when you pee. You’d think that a man who is a doctor would know and understand basic anatomy, but it’s pretty clear that he has no clue how periods work. He even doubled down when people told him his idea was terrible and went on a rant on Facebook.

While we can’t find his Facebook page currently (or his Twitter account, both of which appear to be locked) the internet let him know that he’s basically a lunatic who has no idea how a period would even work.

Even his own brother thinks he’s not right!

We don’t even know, anymore.

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