This Is Us is set to return in just a few days, and based on the latest footage and cast interviews, it鈥檚 clear we have a LOT to be excited about. But we鈥檝e been a little apprehensive knowing that the untimely and heartbreaking demise of our beloved Pearson patriarch, Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia), is still ahead of us.

We can all rest a little easier, though, as his on-screen wife, Mandy Moore, has assured us that Jack will still be around for a little while longer.

鈥淢ilo is No. 1 on the call sheet 鈥 he isn鈥檛 going anywhere,鈥 the 33-year-old actress told People, giving the show鈥檚 viewers a reason to let out a collective sigh of relief.

The singer went on to explain just how integral Ventimiglia is to the cast, saying, 鈥淗e is our leader. We call him our actor department head. If you want to know what鈥檚 going on in the show or have a question about something, Milo, without fail, has the answer.鈥

He鈥檚 also her support system off-screen: When the recently engaged star had an unfortunate run-in with a shower door, her on-screen hubs was right there to show his support, sporting a matching shiner of his own in solidarity.

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We鈥檙e certainly relieved to hear that the cast will remain a family for the time being, but we鈥檙e anxious to find out what will unfold in season two. According to Moore, the series is 鈥渂etter than ever.鈥

鈥淲e just watched the first three episodes with the cast the other night together and I think I was really struck by how it鈥檚 equal parts touching and laugh-out-loud funny,鈥 she said. 鈥淚鈥檓 really proud of it. Everybody just did such remarkable work across the board again, and I hope people are going to be happy with it.鈥

Don鈥檛 let the laugh-out-loud comment fool you, though 鈥 Moore also warned that there are some good sob-fests ahead. 鈥淲e鈥檙e all having so much fun and it鈥檚 very emotional. It鈥檚 sort of our signature. If [fans are] looking for a good weep, they won鈥檛 be disappointed.鈥

Better get that tear-resistant waterproof mascara and a box of tissues ready 鈥 the season two premiere of This Is Us airs on NBC next Tuesday, September 26.

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