We are so pumped that large statement necklaces made a comeback. We’re hoping they’re here to stay. Like forever. Who doesn’t love a chunky pendant? Today we’re making a jewelry set — a half moon necklace and bracelet made of marbled clay. These pieces are subtly vibrant and perfect for welcoming spring.


 – Sculpey clay (white and one color)

– chain

– findings (8 jump rings and two clasps)

– gold Deco paint pen

 – two sets of jewelry pliers

– wire cutters

– rolling pin

– X-Acto knife

– potter’s needle tool

Or you can buy our Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit and use the contents for this project.



  1. Warm up the clay in your hands.
  2. Twist the colored clay and the white clay together to create the marbled effect.
  3. Flatten the clay on a non-porous surface with your rolling pin.
  4. Cut two moon shapes out of the clay. One is for the necklace and the other for the bracelet.
  5. Puncture holes on the ends of your pendants with your needle tool.
  6. Following the instructions on your clay packaging, bake the pendants.
  7. Draw two lines down the center of your pendants using the gold paint pen.
  8. Add jump rings to each end of your pendants. Remember to twist them open with your pliers.
  9. Measure your chain and add a length to each jump ring.
  10. Put a jump ring on the other end of the chain and add a clasp.

To start, take your clay and knead it to warm it up. Pretty relaxing, eh? When you’re done having a zen moment, start twisting the colored clay with the white clay. This is the best method to create the marbled look. Flatten it out on a table, and if it doesn’t look marbled enough, ball it up and keep twisting. Also, check the other side. Sometimes one side looks better than the other.


Once you have it flattened on your table, cut a large half moon shape. This is the pendant for your necklace. Then cut a smaller version for the bracelet. This piece will sit on top of your wrist rather than wrapping all the way around it. We recommend measuring it against your wrist to get the best fit. Poke holes in both sides of each pendant, making sure they are large enough to fit your jump rings. Then place your pendants in the oven, following the instructions on the Sculpey packaging. Let them cool after you take them out. We don’t want you to burn those little fingers!


Now you can add some design with your paint pen. We made two parallel stripes down the middle of our moons, but you could really go crazy here and draw whatever you want. It might be cool to paint half of the pendant or simply outline the edges. Have fun with it!


Time to turn these moons into jewelry. Using both sets of pliers, twist open your jump rings. Add one to each end of both pendants. Then measure and cut your chain. Hook it onto the jump rings. Place another jump ring on the other end and add a clasp to one side.

Final-necklace on-table2

So chic!


And we love the matching bracelet.


These really make a statement worn against a solid-colored shirt.


Dress up your tee for a fancier look.

The coolest part about this project? You can also use these supplies to make marbled jewelry trays. Win-win! Also, if you’re dying to add a pair of earrings to the mix, follow this tutorial.

What will you make out of marbled clay? Share your thoughts in the comments below!