Hey moms and dads: Before you schedule a photo shoot for the newest and most precious addition to your family, you might want to check out Maria Jose Da Luz’s adorable baby illustrations. She turns simple, everyday baby photos into too-cute-to-handle caricatures that look like characters straight from a children’s book. Whether they’re wearing a cute set of PJs with cartoons on them or toting a stuffed animal, Jose Da Luz puts a fantastical, imaginative twist on her works of art. We’re sharing nine of the most squeal-worthy photos.


1. Baby Bear: This baby mustache you a beary important question.


2. Wild Thing: But Mom… I was trying to go for a Harry Potter meets LOTR feel.


3. Queen of the Drones: Queen Bee is not satisfied.


4. Frog Princess: Dad! I found my prince!


5. Besties: I ruff my baby human.


6. Baby Dino: Full steam ahead! (Did you catch where the dino inspo came from?)


7. Snow Storm: Oh look, a bluebeary :)


8. Jaunty Caps for All: It’s hard to tell who the real shoulder monster is.


9. Superheroes: Who knew Batman was the one to teach Superman to fly?

Which illustration was your favorite? Did Maria Jose Da Luz’s illustrations give you inspiration for your baby’s photoshoot? Talk to us in the comment section!

(h/t Elite Daily, photos via Maria Jose Da Luz)