Girls with long hair know that there are ways to *look* like you have short hair without actually chopping it all off. This past summer, when the lob was the cut to have, you could twist up and pin your locks right under the nape of your neck to get the shoulder-grazing hairstyle for a day. Feel like wearing long faux fringe with your flare jeans this fall? Knot your hair into a half-finished bun and tie on a bandana to secure the tousled look. Now, thanks to tennis player Maria Sharapova, we’ve got a way to fake the new most talked-about hairstyle — the pixie cut — and it’s a sight to behold.


Let’s get one thing straight: This is not your average hair hack. The intricate, ethereal ‘do — a mix of a deep side part, short, face-framing layers and a pair of connecting fishtail-Dutch spiral braids — is on the braid-master level of hair DIYs.


An up-close look, courtesy of hairstylist Sarah Potempa’s Instagram, shows just how twisty and turny it gets. Strands shift from tight plaits to loose, cascading braids that appear to meander over, under and in between. Yet somehow, the hair is so neatly bundled, we’d totally believe her hair was cropped at a glance. However it happened, it’s the prettiest mess we’ve ever seen.

(h/t Allure, photos via Cindy Ord/Getty + @sarapotempa)