Mariah Carey Launched “Tea”-Themed Merch from Her NYE Meme
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Mariah Carey Launched “Tea”-Themed Merch from Her NYE Meme

Mariah Carey has a new side gig in for 2018: selling T-shirts (yes, you read that right!).

The internet has been living for the pop diva as of late since she “stole” Meryl Streep’s at the  Golden Globes and singlehandedly cancelled brunch forever with a single tweet, but it’s her meme-inducing moment (the first of 2018) from her New Year’s Eve performance that has Mimi hocking merch.

In case you missed it, the pop singer pulled a *totally* MC move when she stopped in the middle of her set to request a cup of hot tea.

“I’m just gonna take a sip of tea if you’ll let me,” she said. “They told me there would be tea. Ugh. It’s a disaster — okay. Well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m gonna be just like everybody else with NO hot tea — but we’re gonna try and do this one for you, because I just want to show my appreciation for everyone who speaks out for justice, and tries to make the world a better place.”

Twitter was overjoyed by the request, taking to their social media pages with plenty of LOL-inducing memes that even the “I Don’t” singer herself got in on, joking, “Found my tea!” with a shot of herself sipping the hot beverage.

Now, the Queen has taken things one step farther, releasing her own line of “tea” shirts (plus a commemorative mug) to mark the momentous occasion, and yes, you’re going to want one.

Check out her  hilarious collection below, and head over to the star’s official store, to snatch one up while you can!


1. #FOUNDMYTEA Tee ($30): Because we *all* should look this glamorous while sipping our favorite hot drinks.


2. I Was Told There Would Be Tea Tee ($30): Don a piece of meme history with this B&W shirt.

3. Tea Cup Tea ($30): For when you’re feeling extra cold and divalicious.


4. I Was Told There Would Be Tea Mug ($20) You may not be drinking from Carey’s own porcelain teacup, but this sturdy mug is sure to make you smile as you sip.

What do you think of Mariah Carey’s new tea-themed accessories? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Images via MariahPride + Nicholas Hunt/Getty)