Just because you develop a social network does not necessarily mean you know what to post to it. However, we’re happy to report that Mark Zuckerberg is not one of these people. Not only did he, you know, invent Facebook, but he has figured out exactly how to make his posts go viral by appealing to the cute-lovers (AKA all of us) on the site.

Zuckerberg shared an adorable photo of his one-year-old daughter, Max, and their dog, Beast (which is probably the best name for any moppy dog ever, FWIW). And what’s even cuter: We learned that her very first word was dog. And it appears that the dog/baby love is mutual. Zuckerberg commented on the photo, “Beast loves her too. Or at least he loves that she drops food on the floor.”

Zuckerberg has over 83 million followers on Facebook who are likely tuning in for these cute posts. Zuckerberg’s photo has received over 414,000 likes and been shared almost 5,000 times.

It seems like Zuckerberg has reached his full potential online. Not only did the man develop (arguably) the most successful social network of all time, he has now figured out the formula to make the best posts for the site: cute baby + adorable dog = instant internet success. We’re hoping that baby Zuck’s next words will be “viral content.”

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(Photo via Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook)