Here’s Your First Look at Meghan Markle in a Tiara… Sort Of
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Here’s Your First Look at Meghan Markle in a Tiara… Sort Of

Meghan Markle may have much to learn when it comes to the rules of becoming a member of the Royal family, but there’s one thing she’s already gotten a head start on: wearing a tiara! As it turns out, the bride-to-be has already tried one on for size, thanks to her reign as Homecoming Queen in high school.

A newly-surfaced photo shows the now 36-year-old donning a dazzling crown way back in her teenage years, along with a flowy periwinkle gown and a thick french manicure (they were all the rage then). From the looks of things, the Suits actress will feel right at home marrying her prince — at least if the snap is any indication.

Granted, as Queen Elizabeth II herself will tell you, wearing an *actual* crown is no easy feat. The 91-year-old opened up about the fashionable task for a soon-to-be-released Smithsonian documentary, The Coronation, sharing that although the importance of the crown is not lost on her, “There are some disadvantages.”

For one, the diamond-encrusted Imperial State Crown (which she wears to official events) is *extremely* weighty (about two and a half pounds to be exact!), and requires her to look straight ahead at all times. “If you did look down, your neck would break. It would fall off,” she said.

In fact, she even broke Royal tradition for the first time in 43 years last year to have a state officer carry it instead.

Just a hunch, but the former teen queen’s crown *probably* didn’t include pounds of real diamonds.

Heavy is the head who wears the crown, indeed!

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(Photos via Leon Neal/WPA Pool + Dominic Lipinski/Getty)