If you鈥檙e the kind of person who loves to emulate her favorite characters, this post is for you. Whether we鈥檙e eating like the Gilmore girls or throwing a Friends-style Thanksgiving bash, we鈥檙e all about enjoying the noms our favorite characters absolutely love. And guess what? There are a ton of shows on Netflix that take place in REAL restaurants. Here are some of our fave Netflix shows鈥 top food locales.

Master of None

Take your next date to one of the restaurants and bars favored by comedian (and modern dating guru) Aziz Ansari in his hilarious show Master of None. Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn is cool enough for hipsters yet classic enough that literally ANYONE will appreciate it. Other options: Parm on Mulberry St. and The Smile on Bond.


If, like us, you鈥檙e addicted to Love, you should know that THAT MAGIC CLUB is 100 percent real. It鈥檚 called Magic Castle and it鈥檚 on Franklin Ave. in LA. Another option for eating like our favorite pair of dysfunctional lovers is Brite Spot, which is located on Sunset.


We鈥檝e covered NYC and LA, and now it鈥檚 time to get some Chicago restaurants on our list. Luckily, Easy is chock full of real Chicago locations. The show is about Chicagoans themselves, so that鈥檚 no big surprise. For an authentic feel, head to Revolution Brewery in Logan Square, Dark Matter Coffee on Western Ave., or Piece Pizza on North Ave. You won鈥檛 regret any of it.


Now we鈥檙e heading down south to the Keys to chow down alongside the cast of Bloodline. Eat up at Alabama Jack鈥檚 in Homestead or take an international foray to the Cayman Islands to enjoy the scene at Caribbean Club鈥檚 iconic restaurant.


Obviously, Chef鈥檚 Table is a little bit of a wildcard on our list, as it spans multiple locales and focuses entirely on food. Some of the top restaurants from the show that you simply have to try? Alinea in Chicago, Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, Ivan Ramen in New York, and N/nake Restaurant in LA.


If you鈥檙e totally loving Flaked, you鈥檝e got plenty of great foodie locations to stop in at. This SoCal show features Venice Beach鈥檚 Ghelina and Sun Valley鈥檚 Pink Motel, which is home to Cadillac Jacks, for a start.


Sense8 deals with a number of cool locations, but much of the show鈥檚 culinary scenes take place back in Chicago. A number of iconic spots, such as jazz club The Green Mill, are featured in the show, as well as some unconventional spots, like the drive-in Superdawg.

The OA

Last but certainly not least, The OA has plenty of foodie coolness to offer fans. One restaurant in particular comes to mind when we think of this NYC-based show: the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.

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