That guy you’ve been swapping flirtatious messages with online for weeks has finally gotten up the courage to ask you out. The cute barista who always knows how many pumps you like in your daily coffee gave you an invite to dinner along with your drink this morning. It’s first-date time! And while the most challenging part of kicking off a relationship is actually securing that first round of one-on-one QT, prepping for the big event is hardly a walk in the park (not to mention keeping up non-awkward first convos, but let’s take things one at a time). You can always trust your BFF’s opinion of your first-date look, but what if you’re pressed for time or she’s not available? To help solve this problem, recently launched a partnership with Finery, and we think you’re really going to dig this collab.


First off, let’s talk about Finery. Billed as the world’s favorite wardrobe operating system, the site is set up to log and organize all of your style purchases, notify you of sales on items on your wish list, remind you when time is almost up to return something you’re unsure of, style your items, and more.

“There are plenty of software programs designed to help manage your travel, your taxes and finances, and your music, but nothing to manage your wardrobe,” says founder Whitney Casey. “Yet, a woman will spend more on her wardrobe than she does on her education. So I really felt there was a real need there that wasn’t being met.”

Earlier this year, Finery linked up with Match to start planning a partnership, which was announced on June 19. Users can now Rate the Date Look by anonymously commenting and rating outfits posted within the Finery platform. As a Finery user, you can mix and match items in your closet that you think would be perfect for wooing your crush, then seek out honest feedback from a neutral third party on the site.

“We’ve heard from our users that getting ready for a date is one of their biggest challenges when thumbing through their wardrobes,” Finery’s Chief Design Officer Brooklyn Decker says in a release. “We wanted to find a solution. You have enough to worry about on a first date. Getting dressed shouldn’t be one of them… we’re giving you a real vote of confidence.”

Casey says that this anonymous feedback from strangers may ultimately be more helpful than the opinions of loved ones IRL anyway (no offense to your bestie). “I really believe we do our friends and family a disservice when we tell them what to wear on dates or interviews,” she says. “Really, it is impossible to not let our own style or opinions creep into what we want for our friends and family. Our partnership allows users to get real, unbiased opinions on what to wear on that date by polling millions across America.”

While Casey stands by the data-driven model of the Match and Finery partnership as the very best way to choose a look, she also offers this advice for date fashion: “The best date look is the one you feel the most confident in… Pick one part of your body you love and flaunt that off. Anything too fashionable and too forward can be off-putting. That deconstructed men’s suit that is on the runways at Fashion Week may not be the best ‘suited’ look for your next date, no matter how invincible it makes you feel.”

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(Photos via Getty and Finery/Match)