It doesn鈥檛 get much sweeter than this! Matthew McConaughey turned 48 on Saturday, but rather than heading out for a fancy dinner or throwing an epic birthday bash, the Oscar-winner spent the day giving back to some very lucky 鈥 and shocked! 鈥 families in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, The Dark Tower actor joined forces with Wild Turkey Distillery, a brand he鈥檚 been a spokesperson for聽since 2016, for the bourbon company鈥檚 Wild Turkey Initiative, joining 250 volunteers to deliver a whopping 4,500 (!!) Butterball-donated turkeys to residents across town.

The father of three kicked things off by surprising the volunteers at the distillery for a little pep talk, which he documented in a Facebook Live video. 鈥淭hank you for being here and giving up your Saturday for this,鈥 he said. 鈥淲e believe in our family that the more you鈥檙e thankful for, the more that you show gratification, the more that you鈥檙e gonna create in your life


be thankful for. Let鈥檚 go make some people happy and put some smiles on some faces, deliver some turkeys, there鈥檚 some people that are gonna be happy to get 鈥檈m,鈥 he concluded as the surprised onlookers cheered, applauded, and Snapchatted.

He signed off with one of his signature lines, saying, 鈥淛ust keep livin鈥, thanks for being here.鈥

From there, it was out to the streets, where the actor had no qualms about rolling up his sleeves and making front porch deliveries himself.

Recipients were clearly pleased, cheering and laughing as he came in with the the bird slung over his shoulder. 鈥淭hats a sexy way to carry a turkey!鈥 one said.

He was also happy to stopping for plenty of hugs and selfies along the way.

Never change, Matthew!

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(Photo via Dia DipasupilGetty)