We鈥檝e mentioned Maya in a few of our pet-themed Instagramroundups, but now鈥檚 her time to shine. We don鈥檛 know Maya personally, but we鈥檙e pretty sure this bulldog鈥檚 favorite holiday is Halloween, because this girl is always killing it in the costume department. From pop-culture beauts like Beyonc茅 to adorable animals like ducks, she rolls out new looks all the time. It was really, really hard, but we鈥檝e found 20 of our favorites for costume inspiration and our daily dose of cuteness.

1. Katy Perry: We are totally up-to-date on all of the Katy Perry costume possibilities, and trust us: This is one of our faves. Maya is really rocking that bikini top.

2. Tippi Hedren: We can only imagine that a remake of The Birds with a canine cast would be absolutely amazing.

3. Mermaid: Maya stuns in pearls and pink. We were kind of hoping for a coconut bra, but she makes up for it with a velvet tail.

4. Miss Piggy: We can鈥檛 blame you, Maya. Who doesn鈥檛 daydream about a dapper Kermit?

5. Miley Cyrus: This girl is up on her pop culture looks. Gold chains and everything.

6. Instagram: Duh, we love a great tech costume. Maya is killing it behind a mask of her social media weapon of choice鈥 though without eye holes, maybe it鈥檚 best she stays put for this one.

7. Beyonc茅: Keeping the pop costumes coming. Here, Maya does a throwback, classic Bey from Single Ladies. Note the metal glove aluminum foil cuff and the cocktail jewelry.

8. Audrey Hepburn: Of course this classy lady took on the look of one of the most iconic movie stars of all time.

9. Flower: Maya really likes to get into character, even if that character is being planted in a giant pot.

10. Statue of Liberty: Even without the flaming torch, this lady of liberty is absolutely glowing.

11. Grandma: We wouldn鈥檛 mind Maya baking us pies if they looked like this. Doesn鈥檛 she make a beautiful doting grandma?

12. Jaws: Her underbite totally adds to the ferocity of this costume鈥 kind of.

13. Taxi Driver: She鈥檚 never uttered the words, 鈥淲here to?鈥 (we鈥檙e assuming), but with that adorable mug, we just know she鈥檇 be a hit cruising the streets.

14. The Chef: Not everyone can pull off a chef鈥檚 hat like this girl can.

15. Charlie Brown: This one is so spot on with her big round head.

16. Belly Dancer: We have a feeling that no belly dancing was actually done in the wearing of this costume.

17. Duck: We鈥檝e cracked the case of the cutest puppy onesie. This one is perfect if your pet gets chilly.

18. Pirate: Don鈥檛 let the eye patch fool you. Behind the skull and crossbones, Maya is nothing but grins.

19. Kurt Vonnegut: He鈥檚 the king of literary cult classics, and she鈥檚 the queen of pet costume classics.

20. Mouse: No one loves cheese more than Maya, but she鈥檚 not allowed to have it. Her owner said she was so happy with the box replica that she wouldn鈥檛 leave the box.

Tell us your favorite Maya look in the comments!