We don鈥檛 care what anybody says, McDonald鈥檚 will always be the ultimate guilty pleasure even if you鈥檙e ordering a vegan option. To ensure that you make the most of all your visits to the Golden Arches, we鈥檝e compiled 10 ordering hacks you need to know. Their all-day breakfast might be long gone, but there are still plenty of tricks that will seriously upgrade your fast food experience. Keep reading for savvy tips that鈥檒l have you singing badabababaa.

Brunch Half Hour

If you arrive at McDonald鈥檚 between 10:30am and 11am, AKA the sweet spot when breakfast is about to end and lunch is about to begin, you鈥檒l get the best of both worlds. You can order a stack of fluffy pancakes and an original cheeseburger or any other lunch option your heart desires. (via POPSUGAR)

McCrepe With Berries

What do you get when you combine an order of fluffy pancakes with a fruit and yogurt parfait? Your very own fast food version of French cuisine with this DIY McCrepe. Creamy yogurt and sweetened berries make it extra delicious. Ooh la la. (via Cosmopolitan)

Steamed Bun

Some people go years before tasting the wonder that is the Filet-O-Fish. We think this is pure injustice for more reasons than one. First, it鈥檚 always 鈥 and we mean always 鈥 made to order. Second, it鈥檚 made with a soft, pillow-like steamed bun much different than those used for the typical burger. And much, much better. Here鈥檚 a secret: You can order it for any sandwich. We repeat, any sandwich. So whether you鈥檙e a fan of the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, or even the original burgers in Happy Meals, this bun switch will change your life (and meal). (via LA Weekly)

Real Eggs = Round Egg

If you want a freshly griddled egg on your breakfast sandwich, one that looks like you cooked it yourself, order a 鈥渞ound egg.鈥 That鈥檚 right, the round egg is actually a freshly cracked egg, cooked in a round mold on the flat top and served to you fresh. (via Serious Eats)

Fresh Fries, Please

There鈥檚 nothing better than piping hot fries with just the right amount of salt sprinkled on them. While you can order no salt to ensure you get fresh fries every time, we suggest just asking for fresh fries. Here鈥檚 why: When you order no salt, the person working at the fry station has to clean everything down. Can you feel the eye roll? We can. Unless you have to order fries with no salt for health reasons, don鈥檛 do it 鈥 simply ask for fresh. (via New York Post)

Get Those Onions Outta Here

There are some people who love onions on everything. Then there are those who can take them or leave them. If you鈥檙e the latter, we recommend you leave them. That鈥檚 the best way to ensure that your burger is freshly made and assembled. As simple as it is, that small change will force the sandwich makers to prepare you a new burger. You鈥檙e welcome. (via POPSUGAR)

Big Mac Dupe

Quick 鈥 what鈥檚 the best ingredient of a Big Mac? We highly doubt it鈥檚 just the two burgers or the three bun pieces. We bet it鈥檚 the Mac Sauce because it鈥檚 *always* the sauce. So, if you鈥檙e looking to save a little dough, order a McDouble without the traditional fixings like ketchup and mustard. Instead, order it with the Mac Sauce for a budget-friendly Big Mac. Voil脿. (via Business Insider)

McChicken Salad

Every once in a while, you鈥檙e in the mood for something鈥 lighter. If that鈥檚 the case, order a McChicken sandwich with extra lettuce and hold the bun. Then order a side salad with your dressing of choice. Once you鈥檙e sitting, chop your way to a simple (Mc) chicken salad that鈥檚 as good for your pocket as it is for your belly. (via BuzzFeed)

Caramel Apple Pie Sundae

It鈥檚 not on their dessert menu, but miniature pies in those convenient cardboard boxes can easily get an 脿 la mode upgrade. All you have to do is order an apple pie (or two) and a caramel sundae. When you order, ask for an extra cup so when you chop up the apple pie, you can get the ice cream to apple pie ratio just right. (via New York Post)

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

There鈥檚 no need to wait until summer to indulge in a refreshing ice cream sandwich. Head to your favorite Mickey D鈥檚 and order two chocolate chip cookies and your favorite McFlurry. Sandwich the ice cream between both of the cookies and chow down. (via Today)

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(Photos via Joe Raedle / Getty, McDonald鈥檚)