When you think of McDonald鈥檚, you usually think of those insanely addictive French fries and their seasonal drinks. But the latest buzz about the fast food joint isn鈥檛 about food at all. Instead, Mickey D鈥檚 is trending thanks to the backlash of the company鈥檚 new uniforms.

McDonald鈥檚 colors have been red and yellow for as long as we can remember, and you鈥檇 think the revamped uniforms would be some combination of those hues. But instead, the corporation settled for a very understated all-gray ensemble created by designers Bindu Rivas and Waraire Boswell.

And of course, Twitter has some *ideas* about it 鈥 namely, that the outfits have a distinctly dystopian look to them. They鈥檙e even drawing comparisons to the First Order from The Force Awakens and the peacekeepers from The Hunger Games (LOL).

Others are skipping the pop culture references altogether and just expressing their displeasure.

With all the backlash McDonald鈥檚 wardrobe choice is getting, one thing is clear: People love color.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via McDonald鈥檚)