There鈥檚 a tiny little toddler-sized shadow following you around. Oh wait, that is your toddler. You鈥檙e in mommy mode 24/7 and loving it. With a kiddo who鈥檚 stuck on you like super-glue and about a billion things to do, finding alone time can seem like a completely unrealistic challenge. Don鈥檛 stress. You can totally get some time to yourself, and here鈥檚 how.

1. Do a chore. A really, really, really boring chore. One that your child wants absolutely nothing to do with. While your mini-me is hanging all over your S.O., you can head to the laundry room, take out the tablet, and catch up on what Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are doing. Oops, we mean 鈥渇old laundry.鈥

2. Schedule a playdate. That is, schedule a playdate somewhere else. Offer your best mommy friend, a neighbor, or your toddler鈥檚 daycare buddy鈥檚 mama the chance to watch your little one for the afternoon. In exchange, you鈥檒l take their kiddo for the day tomorrow.

3. Grab a nap. No, not for you. Grab some naptime for your toddler. When they鈥檙e safely snoozing, you have time to read a book, eat a cookie, take an online Pilates class, or do anything else you want.

4. Wake up extra-early. Beauty sleep is a thing of the past anyway. Use the hour before the kiddo wakes to do some yoga, eat an actual breakfast, or take a nice, long, totally undisturbed shower (where you actually wash your hair and maybe even use the hair mask that鈥檚 been sitting unused for the past few months).

5. Have a late night. Maybe you鈥檙e not a morning person. Instead of waking up early, stay up late. After you put the littles to bed, silence your phone, stop checking emails, and do something just for you.

6. Take a bath. Your kiddo spends no less than 45 minutes splashing around in the tub. So you deserve at least half of that. Get your honey, a sitter, or another responsible adult to hang with your toddler. Treat yourself to some total indulgence, hop into a warm bath, and relax. Heck, light a super-smelly (in a sweet way) candle and enjoy not having to answer to anyone.

7. Join a gym. Find a gym that has a 鈥渒ids鈥 room鈥 or supervised sitting services. Before you protest with a, 鈥淗ey, I don鈥檛 want to use my one free hour to sweat on a treadmill,鈥 you don鈥檛 have to. There鈥檚 no rule saying that you can鈥檛 use your gym time to hang in the steam room and meditate, read a book in the locker room, or take time to text your friends. Better yet, invite your besties to the gym for a kid-free girls鈥 afternoon out.

8. Take a class. Go ahead and sign-up (and pay for) a class. Now put it on your schedule. It鈥檚 now up to your S.O. to take over. You can also just get a sitter for the night, take a night to yourself, and explore ceramics, try painting, take an adult ballet class, or do anything that you鈥檙e dreaming of.

9. Walk away. This isn鈥檛 a forever idea; it鈥檚 a temporary fix for too much toddler time. When your other half gets home, it鈥檚 time for you to get out of the house. Locking yourself in your room is one option, but your tot will still know that mommy is still home. Take yourself out of the equation and out of the house. Go for a walk around the block or a jog through the neighborhood.

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