Usually when you sharpen a pencil, you try your best to get all those tiny little colorful flakes into the trash, but artist and school teacher Meghan Maconochie saw those shavings as a unique way to create art. She starts the process by sketching an image, anything from a pop culture reference to a cool piece of typography. Then she starts to apply thin layers of shavings to the edges of the sketch. Gradually she layers the shavings into something amazing that almost looks like a sculpture.

Believe it or not, once she photographs the shaving art, she throws them away. Cringe. But the temporary nature of her artwork doesn’t limit her imagination, and her Instagram feed is practically an art gallery, full of these colorful “drawings.”

Currently, she’s halfway through a “drawing a day” challenge, so make sure you follow her Insta to get your daily dose of creative inspiration.

What do you think of these pencil shaving masterpieces? Can you think of any creative ways she could save these miniature works of art? Talk to us in the comments!