11 Shiny Gift Ideas for the Wannabe Mermaid
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11 Shiny Gift Ideas for the Wannabe Mermaid

Whether you’re a beach bum, ocean enthusiast or strictly land dweller, there is one thing for certain — everyone wishes they were a mermaid at some point in their life. Wanting to be a mermaid is no longer a childhood daydream, as many adults are all in when it comes to seeking fins. If you’re pals with someone known for seeking that magical mermaid life, then there’s a ton of cool loot out there perfect for gifting. We’ve gone ahead and found the best of the best, in this fanciful, mermaid-inspired gift guide. Best part is, no gills are required.

1. Dolls Kill Mermaid Scale High Top Sneakers ($45): We all want to be mermaids, until we realize you can longer wear shoes after you’ve traded in your feet for fins. These shimmery-scale high-tops have the human and fish world meet on a dazzling, holographic level.

2. Valfre Under the Sea 3D Phone Case ($38): Call me on my shell phone. How totes adorable is a seashell silicone cell phone case? Your girl will for sure stand out rocking this saltwater fresh case. Now, how fast can she text “She Sells Seashells by the Seashore?”

3. Hot Topic Disney The Little Mermaid Black Scale Faux Thigh High Tights ($15): Whoever says mermaids can’t walk on land hasn’t seen tights like these. When she’s tired of her tail, she can swap it out for two seashell thigh-high tights day or night. The tights are a perfect gift for a friend wishing for fins.

4. AtomicLace I’m a Mermaid Pin ($9): I’m a mermaid, duh! Go ahead and state the obvious by gifting the coolest pin on land. All the land lovers will want to know where your girl got such a pearl of a pin. The only thing to do other than telling them where you got it is to flip your green mermaid hair like you just don’t care.

5. Seatails Mermaid Bar Necklace ($55): Hey, we get it. You can’t be under the sea all the time, but for the times when you have to jump back on the ship, a beautiful gold mermaid bar necklace will remind you that the waves will always have your heart. However, that sailor on deck isn’t looking too bad either.

6. In Your Dreams Iridescent Mermaid Chunky Glitter Gel ($20): Sea dwellers are creatures of habit, and the tradition of mermaids loving sparkly things dates back to centuries-old sailors’ tales. Go ahead and become the glitziest siren to hit the town with a dot (or scattering) of sparkle. Don’t forget to give a dollop to your bestie so you can shimmer together.

7. Seatail Women’s Sea Foam Mermaid Tail Blanket ($80): Fulfill the dream of becoming an actual mermaid with the prettiest mermaid tail blanket yet. Not only will your friend stay warm and snuggly, but it will go so nicely with the rest of her decor. Now this is a gift that inspires bubbly bliss!

8. NYLON Secret Society of Ex Mermaids Highlighter Beanie ($20): Whatever you did to transform from siren to woman, we forgive you. All the other ex-mermaids will understand your beanie, but do expect some puzzled expressions from the rest of us human folk. Have a friend who is an ex-mermaid too? Wear them together.



9. Valfrè Mermaid Bomber Jacket ($98): This merfolk-inspired bomber jacket is, yes, da bomb. The back has just enough flash meets sass to convey the fact that you are a total mer-babe.

10. SeaTails Mermaid Silk Sleep Mask ($15): Gifting a colorful silk shell sleep mask will invoke fantasies of the ocean blue. Your gal pal will surely think of you every time she dives into a deep slumber. Plus, the double shells are totally bringing back strong The Little Mermaid memories.

11. Josefina Fernandez Mermaid Illustration ($12+): A whimsical print like this, sketched by fashion artist Josefina Fernandez, is a mystical present to receive. This remains true whether you believe in the glamorous creatures of the deep or not. However, after unwrapping this print, how can you not?

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