We’ve all been there: You finish work and lock down a few good friends or a special someone for a night in, only to find yourselves spending minutes — even hours — trying to decide what to watch. Enter MightyTV, the app that not only helps you figure out what you should watch based on your preferences, but also allows you to sync the preferences of up to 10 people.


The app works much like Tinder: You swipe left on TV shows and movies you don’t like, and right on ones you do. You can also swipe up if you haven’t seen something or don’t want to rate it, and you can hold on a title before swiping right to signify that you don’t just like it, you love it. (You want MightyTV to know the difference between your interest in Sex and the City and your obsession with Scandal, right?)

So far, it might sound similar to the portion of Netflix that allows you to rate titles you’ve seen. Netflix even curates your experience after a while as well. But, as we mentioned, you can use MightyTV with a bunch of people so you don’t need to look through one person’s picks for something you’ll all enjoy — as long as they’re all connected to the app, of course. You can also use this mind-blowing app not just with Netflix but with Hulu, iTunes, YouTube and Amazon Prime. And from there, you can simply stream to your Apple TV or Chromecast with one click.

MightyTV may just be the one app that can solve romantic and sibling squabbles!

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(Photo via MightyTV)