You may have read about the Migraine Buddy app. You know, the one that lets you track your migraines and share you info with researchers who are looking for a cure? Well, they sent us a heap load of their research in one of the best possible ways — infographics. There are three of them below.

The first visual form of info will help you figure out if you’re actually having a migraine or you’re just experience a killer headache. For example, if you’re experiencing neck pain, that’s a likely symptom. But just one symptom doesn’t necessarily constitute a full-blown migraine. If you can check off more than a couple of these nuisances, you may be having migraines.

7 Signs That You May Be Having A Migraine

The next thing that Migraine Buddy wants you to know is that you’re not alone. In fact, there are loads of people out there likely experiencing a migraine right now. The average sufferer spends 44 hours a month in migraine mode — that is not okay. Here are some stats from the 70,000 Migraine Buddy users worldwide.


The last inforgraphic all has to do with how men experience migraines vs how women experience them. If you’re a lady who has frequent migraines, chances are your pain lasts longer and comes along with a bit of nausea. Yuck.


The more you understand your migraines, the more you’ll be able to predict them before they happen. And the best way to learn about them is to track them with an app like Migraine Buddy. You can download it for Android or iOS for free.

Do you suffer from migraines? How do you keep it together? We’d love to know in the comments!