July has unofficially officially been DIY Month on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram feed. So for the past few weeks now, with a mess of neon Rainbow Loom bands and glitter nail polish bottles covering her kitchen-counter workspace, we’ve been ogling every Miley-made piece the “Wrecking Ball” singer has posted — and they’re predictably 100% bonkers.

From hair accessories made of old Happy Meal toys and keychains to a glittery daisy + butterfly face sticker that Refinery29 refers to as “the best new way to conceal a zit”(LOL), her totally bizarro creations, whatever they may be, remain Miley through and through. That alone is inspiring on some level, so why not let her outrageous mini maker movement spark some creativity in all of us? It’s definitely possible, folks. So with an open mind, let’s translate six of Miley’s weirdest crafts into projects you could DIY today!

1. Restyle Your Sunnies: Maybe not with fake teeth and a tongue, though. We’re imagining pearls, polka dots + bars of color across the frame to turn your basic eyewear into statement sunnies.

2. Ace the At-Home Mani: Miley has an all-out approach to glitter nails, and especially during the summer, it’s a copycat look you could totally pull off! But if the combo of neon + sparkly isn’t quite your jam, try a more demure DIY take on the style with geometric accents.

3. Add (Temporary) Color to Your Hair: Everyone is adding pops of pastel to their hair these days. Our hands-down favorite way to rock the temporary color look is with hair chalk that will wash right out after the lights go down on the festival grounds.

4. Make Insanely Cool Wall Art:Wall art is as diverse as the trinkets glued to Miley’s one-of-a-kind creation you see before you, and that’s why whether you weave it, tape it or simply hang it up in a pretty way, it’s one of our favorite things to make.

5. Pose With DIY Photo Booth Props: No bash is complete without wacky photo booth props.  And we know just as well as Miley that once those bulbs start flashing in front of that backdrop, we can’t stooooop, and we won’t stoooop (posing).

6. Put a New Spin on Friendship Bracelets: Give your bestie something to really gush over with an upgraded friendship bracelet straight from her bff. This time around, Miley’s colorful creation is actually something we’d wear with our P.I.C. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for her teddy bear face mask

We know it’s a little crazy, but are Miley’s DIYs inspiring you to make? What about other celebrities who are makers — how have they influenced you to DIY? Tell us in the comments below.