Oh Miley Cyrus. Whether you love her or can’t seem to wrap your head around her, one thing’s for sure: She’s very good at, well, being Miley. Whether she’s flashing around her engagement ring with almost-definitely-but-not-confirmed-fiancé Liam Hemsworth or bemoaning bleached hair regrets, the girl is always doing her thing.

On last night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Miley reminded us what she does best. No no no, not twerking on oversized foam fingers, LOL. What she does best is being Miley, remember?

In the show’s Funny Face Off segment, Miley and host Jimmy took turns imitating funny faces from seasoned “experts” (or, in this case, some of the show’s young fans), and then seeing who could come closest to the original hilarious expression. Maybe it’s just us, but Miss Miley won the face off easily. And it reminded us that through the many, um, interesting twists and turns of her career, Miley hasn’t been afraid to be a little bit silly. No matter WHAT you think of her, it’s pretty hard not to love this hilarious vid… and to admire the weird stuff Madame Cyrus can do with her eyeballs.

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(Featured image via Jemal Countess/Getty)