Between all the new amazing baby gadgets out there, from wearable baby monitors to smart thermometers, being a new parent in the twenty-first century definitely has its perks. If your own parents haven鈥檛 felt jealous of all that tech yet, they鈥檙e going to reach a new level of envy thanks to Milk Nanny, which promises to make those sleepless nights easier than ever.


Imagine a Keurig that not only heats up a bottle of formula at the touch of a button, but also tracks your baby鈥檚 feeding habits through an app and knows exactly how much water and powder makes a perfect bottle sans clumping. The Milk Nanny was developed by a new father who would wake up to feed the baby so his wife could sleep. After one too many chilly nights standing at the stove, Derrick Lee had his 鈥渁ha!鈥 moment.


With a simple scan of the barcode on your formula of choice, the Milk Nanny app searches its database to figure out the ideal proportions. Once it starts, you鈥檒l get a fresh bottle in about 15 seconds. Forget boiling water and measuring powder at 3am. Making your baby鈥檚 bottle just got easier than making a cup of coffee.


From suction-cup feet and a childproof water container to ultraviolet sterilization and BPA-free materials, the Milk Nanny has plenty of features that aim to protect your baby. And after getting its Kickstarter funded, the Milk Nanny team plans on developing a cloud that would connect parents with medical professionals who could share advice based on your baby鈥檚 growth patterns.


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