Eating your greens just got a whole lot more… pink? (Yep, you read that correctly.) Just when we thought millennial pink Kit Kats were the pinnacle of rosy-hued food discoveries, millennial pink colored lettuce started trending in the Insta-sphere, and its making its way to your feed just in time for spring salad inspo.

The rose-colored lettuce is called Radicchio del Veneto, Eater reports, and it obtains its unconventional hue from a special harvesting process. The plant is plucked in the fall and replanted into complete darkness, often underneath a pile of sand. The pitch dark conditions block sunlight from the stem, rendering the leaf a pale pink. We’re not sure which genius created this intricate process, but our tummies and social media feeds are thanking ’em!

This petal-like plant is technically a chicory, so it’s said to taste somewhat bitter. If you happen to live in New York City and you want to take a bite out of the plant yourself, you can snag this stuff at Eataly, in some local farmers markets, and purveyors like Balder Food. Various Whole Foods locations are also said to stock the pretty plant. You might want to hunt quickly, because this stuff won’t be in season post-spring!

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(Photo via Balder)