Tax time is upon us, and we’re all thinking of ways to save money and plump up our savings accounts. But when it comes to earning as much as we can, there’s only one thing that makes millennials balk: Even if it meant taking a cut in pay or sacrificing a chunk of a hard-earned bonus, young adults would rather give up the dough than go on a blind date set up by their parents.


We all hope for a little (or a whopper) refund at tax time. This year’s Capital One Bonus and Tax Survey tried to pin down “what exactly people are doing with any potential extra cash.” Traveling? Maybe. Renos? Perhaps. Parent-coordinated dates? Um, no!

“Almost two-thirds (64 percent) say they would rather get less than expected for their bonus than have their parents set them up on a blind date.” Bahaha! But yeah, makes total sense to us. As much as we all love our parents, we really don’t want them meddling in our love lives. *cringes at the thought*

Give up date night for a year to earn a bigger bonus? 33 percent said no problem. Give up caffeine for a year to make more money? 43 perfect said they could do it (really?!). Go “on a year-long digital detox with limited access to their phone, Internet and social media for a higher bonus”? ARE YOU NUTS?! Still, 46 percent said they’d be up for it. But going out on a date with someone Mom & Pop approved? Nope, no thanks — not going to happen.

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(photo via nicoletaionescu/iStock)