Whole grains are an essential part of a healthy diet, but if you’ve just been relying on staples like brown rice and oatmeal, you’re missing out. From teff to amaranth and back again, there are a huge variety of wholesome grains you probably haven’t tried yet. Millet, a gluten-free ancient grain, is one of our favorites. Unlike spelt and freekeh, it cooks up in a jiffy. These 13 recipes will add some nutritional variety to your meals, along with a boost of flavor.

1. Spicy Curried Cauliflower and Millet Bowl: Savory roasted cauliflower and sweet, plump raisins lend a pleasant duality to this meal. Fragrant curried millet is the perfect accompaniment. (via Brewing Happiness)

2. Vegan Pumpkin Millet Soup: It doesn’t have to be hard to make satisfying gluten-free and vegan comfort food. This pumpkin millet soup, served in pumpkin bowls, ticks off all the boxes. (via Happy Kitchen)

3. Lamb and Millet Pilaf: Fluffy millet pilaf is a satisfying substitute for rice if you’re looking to add some new whole grains to your diet. Studded with lamb, peas, tomatoes, and spices, it’s hard not to love this cozy dish. (via Food Smart Mom)

4. Mediterranean Millet Salad: This dish, made with feta, olives, and two kinds of tomatoes, is proof that grain salads don’t have to be boring. Light and fluffy millet adds subtle texture and flavor to the meal. (via Clem Foodie)

5. Mushroom Millet Burgers: Frozen veggie burgers are okay in a pinch, but the homemade kind are way better. Mushrooms pack these patties with flavor, while grains and rice flour help them keep their shape. (via What She Ate)

6. Middle Eastern Carrot Salad: Roasted carrots get nutty and caramelized in the oven. They’re the perfect centerpiece for this hearty salad, their sweetness offset by tangy, salty feta. (via Curated Life)

7. Sheet Pan Roasted Veggie Grain Bowls: Make a big batch of grains on the weekend, then eat all week. Top your bowl with these sheet pan roasted veggies. (via PDXFoodLove)

8. Millet Salad With Sweet Potato, Pomegranate, and Arugula: Salads aren’t just for the summer. Filled with sweet potato, pomegranate, and millet, this one will keep you healthy even in winter. (via Some Green Life)

9. Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes and Mushrooms: Stuffed vegetables are always an eye-catching meal. Choose from tomatoes or mushrooms to make this Mediterranean-inspired meal. (via Mina Made)

10. Millet Tabbouleh: If you love tabbouleh, but are gluten-free, this recipe is for you. It’s made with millet, which has a similar flavor and texture to bulgur. (via Salted Plains)

11. Crunchy Thai Salad: Crunchy cabbage, carrots, and snap peas, along with millet, make up the bulk of this recipe. Drizzle some Thai peanut sauce on top to pack each bite with flavor. (via Well Vegan)

12. Baked Chile Rellenos: Stuffed poblano chiles are a fun way to get your daily veggies. Fill them with grains, beans, and cheese for a dinner you’ll want to add to your weekly rotation. (via The Kitchen Prep)

13. Beet and Millet Mega Salad: This superfood salad is stuffed with goodness, including root veggies, whole grains, and seeds. Cider vinegar dressing adds a tangy bite. (via FriFran)

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