Color us not at all surprised that Mindy Kaling just gave a graduation speech we want to turn into a full length comedic drama. The actor/writer/show creator/our BFF was the featured speaker at Harvard Law’s Class Day yesterday and, naturally, her talk was filled with hilarity, flirtations with cute professors in the audience, a lesson on justice from her “Clint Eastwood School of the Law” and gems of wisdom. Let’s LOL at a few of her biggest knee slappers from the chat:

“I do know a ton about the law… because I sue everybody.”

“Elle Woods went here — from the trenchant documentary Legally Blonde.”

“From an outsider’s perspective, you are all nerds. You are the nerds who are going to make some serious bank, alright?”

“That’s why I’m here today… to marry the best-looking amongst you.”

“I prepared for this speech very carefully… Seeing I absolutely had to do this and couldn’t get out of it, I rolled up my sleeves, sat down at my computer and tried to buy a commencement address off of”

“And now, with this diploma in hand, most of you will go on to the noblest pursuits, like helping a cable company acquire a telecom company.

Although Mindy’s speech was directed at the future lawyers sitting before her, there’s a lot there to inspire the hopeful grads at your own high school, college, heck, even preschool commencement. Watch her address below and then hop back in this time machine with us to go to Harvard Law three years ago so we can be there, too:

Our favorite word of wisdom from her talk? “Try to be the kind of people who give advice to celebrities, not the other way around.” That one’s worth sharing. We’ll also be using her “more like a Masters in boring me to death at a dinner party, right?” line at the next dinner party we attend.

What’s the best graduation speech you’ve ever witnessed or watched? Share below!

(h/t Vulture)